How To Set Your Preferred Temperature

If you want your beef rare to be = 120.5°F , you can set your own temperature. The default rare for beef on this meat thermometer is 140°F. You can adjust this temperature from 140°F to 120.5°F by simply following these steps:

  1. Put 2 batteries into the transmitter , and put 2 batteries into the thermometer.
  2. Plug the probe into the transmitter and check if your thermometer and transmitter are turned on and functioning.
  3. Once your thermometer and transmitter are all turned on, you will find out that the thermometer display in °C . Let us change the thermometer display into °F first . Just press the button ” MODE “
  4. Now make sure your thermometer display in °F status, the next step is to change the target temperature .
  5. Press the MODE button until the target temperture number is flashing . If your target temperature is below 120°F , please press the button MIN to increase number . If your target temperature above 120°F, please press the button SEC to deduct the number unitil the target number becomes 120°F which is your desired temperature .
  6. When the target temperature is already 120°F , press MODE to confirm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you adjust this target temperature , You will find out that there is no more WELL DONE , RARE , MEDIUM RARE ….. in your thermometer. Don’t worry, it will reset itself to the original mode when the thermometer is turned off. And if you want 120F again on your next grill, you can set again the thermometer to alarm when it reaches your desired temperature.