Troubleshooting Guide


  • Don’t use the thermometer over 250℃,otherwise it will burn out the probe, as the working temperature range is 0℃-250℃(32℉-482℉
  • Don’t expose probe or probe wire to open flames or barbeque, keep away the probe wire from the high heat, otherwise it will cause short circuit and deteriorate the probe.
  • Don’t put the probe wire into the water for washing, or submerse the probe into water, please hand wash the stainless steel probe, and always wipe the probe before plugging into the transmitter. Moisture inside the probe’s plug or the thermometer might cause an incorrect temperature reading.
  • Don’t use the thermometer in a microwave oven.
  • Don’t use the thermometer over 25 meters (65 feet), the distance range is 25 meters, if over the distance, it can’t detect the temperate.


Q1:When plugging the probe, the thermometer can’t show the temperature, what can I do?

A1:Make sure you switch the power to ON both for main unit and transmitter

Q2:When plugging the probe, the thermometer will always have a beep sound, can’t show the temperature, what can I do?

A2:There are 2 ways.

First, pull out the probe, and re-plug the probe to test (maybe you don’t plug the probe well, so it didn’t connect well).

Second, keep the probe plugged into the transmitter, switch the power of the transmitter to OFF, then re-switch the power to ON, check if the thermometer will display the temperature well.

Q3:Why hamburger, turkey, chicken, fish only have WELL DONE taste?

A3: Please refer to the following table for different meat, the default is WELL DONE, you can press TASTE to choose the different taste. But if you think 120F is well done but not 140F, you can adjust the temperature to 120F .But when you make this adjustment, please ignore the well done , because well done default value is 140F .

Well Done Medium Well Medium Medium Rare Rare
Beef 170℉(76℃) 165℉(73℃) 160℉(71℃) 145℉(62℃) 140℉(60℃)
Lamb 170℉(76℃) 165℉(73℃) 160℉(71℃) 145℉(62℃)
Veal 170℉(76℃) 160℉(71℃) 145℉(62℃) 140℉(60℃)
Hamburger 160℉(71℃)
Pork 170℉(76℃) 165℉(73℃) 165℉(71℃)
Turkey/Chicken 175℉(79℃)

Q4:Why the thermometer will show LLL or HHH? What can I do?

A4: Please read the manual carefully. Due to wrong usage, if the temperature is higher than 250℃,you will either burn out the probe wire, it will show LLL or HHH, or it will not show any temperature.

Q5:Why the display is very dim?

A5: Please use the new battery to operate the product. Never use rechargeable batteries. It won’t work on the meat thermometer.